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VPHOT uploaded image disappears before processing...

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VPHOT uploaded image disappears before processing...

The last couple of days I would upload 4 images, and on one day three appeared and the next two appeared in my image list.  I went back and re-uploaded.  The first day the newly uploaded image then appeared in my image list.  But today, I repeatedly upload the final image, VPHOT says upload successful, but the image does not appear in either the queue or in my image list.  The images were taken a couple of minutes apart with different filters.

Any ideas??

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Solved by uploading 3 hours later in fit vs zip format?

Well, I was able to upload the image 3 hours later - and I chose .fit vs a zip file.  It worked - not sure why...

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We did have more than one

We did have more than one instance of Photometrica running at the same time, due to the monitoring program fouling up.  I am not sure if this was the problem or not, but could be.


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Multiple instance

Glenn, that could very well be the problem. I have seen all sorts of strange behaviour when that happens. We need to get some routines in place to prevent it from happening.

Could those of you who had trouble uploading lately try again?


Mark Blackford
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Unable to download

Hi All,

I had the opposite problem, images could not be downloaded from VPhot during that time. Probably related to the same issue. Cheers,


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Upload problem no longer occuring

I redid the upload that was consistently causing problems yesterday, and today it ran succesfully.  All four images appeared on my image list.  So the multiple instance situation may be the cause of the problem.



Seems that today there is the

Seems that today there is the same problem, this time with my images. I uploaded some of them and didn't get any complaints. Still, there were no images in processing list nor in Images list after that. At the same time, an image from someone else appeared in the processing list and most probably that got processed.

I suspected problems with my FITS headers, but trying Wizard, everything was fine..

Best wishes, Tõnis

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