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V/R and EW Monitoring of pi Aqr

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Ernst Pollmann
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V/R and EW Monitoring of pi Aqr

The visibility phase of the Be binary star pi Aqr is more or less past, and we can look back on a fantastic collaboration of observation in terms of V/R and EW measurement (see attachment). We have been able to detect two V/R maxima and minima. Thanks so much to all participants for your contributions.

While the Halpha EW is on the way to its minimum (the primary almost without any disk), the V/R ratio seems in spite of that to have had a larger amplitude compared with the amplitude during the previous observation campaign.

Our professional friends and colleagues Anatoly Miroshnichenko and Sergey Zharikov are contacted in order to ask, how we have to understand this fact. Anatoly wrote, we can expect an analytical based commend during the next few days.

Ernst Pollmann
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