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VS Search

The Variable Star Search function appears to not be working.  Looking through this lists's archives, I see where it was disabled to relieve queue load in December of 2015.  I wondered if it is still disabled, and if there is a plan to make it functional again.  If not, I have a couple other options for this particular task, such as AstroImageJ.  Thanks.


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There are no plans at present to try to bring back that (beta) feature of VPhot.

Please do report on your success with other tools. If you have some images that show variables with another tool I would be interested in giving thoset a try again on Vphot.


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VS search tool

I've been getting some strange variations in one of the stars I'm observing, and I'm suspicious that there may be be a variable in the AAVSO comp star sequence.   It seems to me the VS search tool would be a great way to track this down. 

I very much appreciate the work being done to keep VPhot up and running.     I'd just like to register my interest in having the VS search tool back if and when programmer time and computer resources permit.

I did experiment with it recently.  The "analysis" process seemed to proceed without a problem.  The error came when displaying the results. 


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