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VSO Log Cover Ideas?

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VSO Log Cover Ideas?

Hello I am new here and getting things set up. I am putting together my Variable Star Observing Log using a 1 1/2 inch D-ring binder. It has clear plastic covering it so that you can put a custom cover on it. I have been trying to think of something that I could draw or print that would make an excellent cover. Do any of you have any ideas?

I just came across my first candidate. Here is a link.

I guess I could also print out one of AAVOS's logos and use it.

Deconinck Michel
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I have two different organisation for my AAVSO chart

1- in my observatory I prefer to use a 4 seasonal classement, plus a morning / evening division.

2- on the field, for binocular, I use another binder because the orientation of the maps are different.

Also for the cover pages I buy some AAVSO stickers.


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VSO Log Cover Ideas

Having a classification of variable stars on you log cover is a great idea!

I would like to suggest adding one more category: "Other Objects", which is in the GCVS (category 7, the second last in the list of variability types) and in the VSX (as 7. Other objects, under "II. Variable Types within Main Groups").

The importance of this category is that it includes those variable stars which are unclassified or not fully classified. Seeing it on your log cover could serve as a reminder that this is a another group of objects well worth further study.


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What I used to do (before

What I used to do (before writing software which did things so much better, and saved trees into the bargain!) was to have 3 folders: 1) Circumpolar stars 2) Constellations A-C 3) Remaining constellations. In those circumstances when 2 stars in different consts were on the same chart such as SU Tau / U Ori I would file under Tau since SU Tau was the most important star to observe.

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Binder Cover

I used to keep in that pocket predictions of when stars were bright enough for binoculars.  -- Neil Simmons (SNE)

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Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your comments :)


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Log book cover

My suggestion is a light curve of a favourite star so that it’s a constant visual reminder that things are changing, and an incentive to continue observing. Me, I don’t need any incentive (I love getting out under the stars at any opportunity) but my log book cover has an SS Cygni light curve. This star periodically erupts and doesn’t vary completely regularly, and the light curve reminds me that I may get surprised each time that I observe it.


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