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VStar 2.16.10 release

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VStar 2.16.10 release

VStar 2.16.10 has just been released. As usual, you will automatically receive this update if you use the Java Web Start version of VStar (vstar.jnlp). If you have not used VStar before, you can download the Java Web Start version from here: (just click the blue button labelled "Download VStar Now") or the latest version of the User Manual by clicking the yellow button on the same page.

With this version, VStar's Developer, David Benn, implemented quite a number of bug fixes and enhancements as outlined in the Change Log and listed here:

- Fixed bug in which raw mode polynomial fits gave errors; introduced after 
  adding phase plot mode polynomial fit feature in 2.16.9
- Removed need for authentication or giving special treatment to member plug-ins 
  from plugin-manager; note that member-only plug-ins still require authentication 
  at run-time.
- Ticket #304 Find minima/maxima of a model: first implementation of a
  derivative-based extrema finder to replace the previous optimiser 
  implementation; works best when a suitably uncomplicated light curve 
  section is selected.
- Ticket #400: Made all "New Star from File..." menu items plug-in based
  and changed AAVSO upload obs src to show line-based progress
- Ticket #161: Permit URL instead of file as data source for AAVSO download 
- Ticket #487: Warn if file will be overwritten in save operations
- Ticket #488: Request confirmation for star group deletion
- Ticket #499: Authentication failure leaves discrepant hidden but unreported 
- Ticket #505: BSM Epoch Photometry source field added which shows which telescope 
  produced the record
- Ticket #436: Plug-in Manager: install from local: added local directory
  selection button in preferences pane and internal changes to allow http
  or file streams for plug-ins.
- Ticket #430: Observation list: Save: Allow phase phase plot list to be saved
  Also, model, mean, residuals lists can also now be saved in phase plot mode.
- Scripting API modified to allow mean, model, residuals to be saved; light 
  curve vs phase plot mode must be explicitly requested before calling these 
  now, a change in behaviour!
- Added DCDFT to scripting API.
- Ticket #506: Synthetic obs list in phase mode should always use standard 
- Ticket #509 Make default JD range slightly into future for AID loads.
  Thanks to Ken for the suggestion which has crossed my mind also.


Many thanks to all of you who made suggestions for changes and helped to test this version. Feedback is always welcome.

Many thanks also to David Benn for his ongoing dedication to VStar.



David Benn
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Change Log

Thanks Sara for your ongoing support.

Some of the text above from the change log for this release seems to have gone missing. You can see the full change log here:

Enjoy, and as as always, let us know if you have questions or comments.


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VSTAR 2.16.10

David and Sara,

I have the latest version of VSTAR installed and also got the last issue of the Manual. With Winter and specially the bad weather, I have more time to spend on my computer. I intend to go through all of it and if I feel the French needs changes I will let you know.

I take the opportunity though to make a comment about the manual. Opening it, I do not see any indication (on the cover page nor in the table of content) to the effect that this is release 2.16.10.


David Benn
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French locale and manual version

Hi Damien

I have captured your previous suggestions for improvement to the French locale here:

but I would be happy to receive more input. 

I'll give some thought to adding the version to the manual title page for the next release. The Revision History and the end of the manual provides some indication of corresponding version, but perhaps you are right that it should be more visible.



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Vstar 2.16.10 download of BSM Epoch Database

Hello David


I read Arne's Forum note about BSM Epoch Data Base, and decided to try it on my current project.


So being on a roll, I downloaded the CF Cas data from BSM into Vstar last night and this morning to check it.  I am probably doing something wrong, but I don't know what it is.  


Downloaded CF Cas for JD 245000 to JD 2456750, got 261 observations in V--same number if B, R and I aprox.  However they did not phase up with P = 4.87522 days and JDo = 2437022.191.  These Phase parameters are the default VSX ones, and I have used them on the TMO data and the MMO data and they look fine.  On the BMS data, they do not work worth beans.  In addition, the BSM data returned has a RA = 57.815500 and a Dec of -.265060; But CF Cas is Ra = 23 h 59 min and Dec = +61 degrees.  Something is amis.  If I querry the BSM tool from your link on the Forum, It gives me RA of 359 degrees and 61 degrees, which is correct.  Only when I download the data into VStar do I get the issue.  


Any Suggestions?  Just to make sure, I downloaded the latest Java and used the web site to install the latest Vstar.  

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VStar Epoch Photometry

Hi Gary,

I'm not 100% sure I was able to follow the steps you performed but I can see one thing...

When you open VStar and select the menu item "File" then "Select New Star from AAVSOnet Epoch Photometry Database" a little window will open that will allow you to enter the RA and Dec in degrees of the star for which you want the epoch photometry. The coordinates that come up in the RA and Dec boxes initially are just placeholders (which are actually for NSV 1385 - the first record that happens to be in the epoch photometry database). If you want the epoch photometry for CF Cas, you will have to enter its RA and Dec in decimal degrees i.e. RA: 359.57492  Dec: +61.22106 and select which bands you wish to see along with the search radius (leaving this at the default of .001 deg will probably be fine).

The above instructions are assuming you are using the VStar plugin to access the data. With this, there is no need to go to the epoch photometry search form on the web ( to download a data file. That is just another way to do the same thing.

Please note: The BSM Epoch Photometry VStar plugin has just been replaced by the AAVSOnet Epoch Photometry plugin. If you have the BSM version, you should delete it and download the new one using VStar's plug-in Manager.

I hope this clarifies things a little bit anyway. :)


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BSM Epoch Data Base.

Hi Sara

Thanks for the info.  I was using the old plug in, BSM Epoch data base.  I tried deleting it in the Plug-In Manager, and it would not comply.  I also tried updating it, and nothing happened.  When I tried to delete, it gave me an error saying that it would not allow me to do this.  Is there some other trick to deleting>  I am using 2.16.10.



David Benn
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Hi Gary Can you show me a

Hi Gary

Can you show me a window in your operating system with your vstar_plugins directory content and also a snapshot of your Plug-in Manager window and also the error message or a screenshot of the error dialog.

It should allow the plug-in to be deleted.

Did you restart VStar after attempting to delete?


David Benn
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VStar Epoch Photometry and

Hi all

Further to Sara's message, the file on SourceForge has been updated with the AAVSOnet Epoch Photometry plug-in.


David Benn
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Preferences -> Plug-in Settings

Hi all

I think Sara helped Gary identify the problem: Preferences -> Plug-in Settings was pointing to 2.16.9.

If in doubt, check preferences if the Plug-in Manager doesn't give expected results.


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New Plug-In

Hello David and Sara

David is correct.  I was unable to delete the old plug in without the above step.  I could not do in from the Plug In Manager alone.  Now its all set.  I have uploaded the new AAVSOnet Plug In as well as the latest version of all the other Plug-Ins that I use.  Sara also showed me a trick to hilight the BSM observations and display the AID observatons of CF Cas, which has both TMO61 and MMO observations.  Real cool.  

Thanks David for this wonderful program, and for supporting it for many years.  



David Benn
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Hi Gary You're welcome. With

Hi Gary

You're welcome.

With such encouragement, supporting VStar is a pleasure. smiley


David Benn
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bash zip

Hi all

Doug Welch just pointed out that was not a complete archive.

I've uploaded to SourceForge again ( Thanks for pointing this out Doug.


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