VStar Bugs and Features

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Thu, 11/01/2018 - 15:10

VStar uses a SourceForge account to keep track of defects, enhancements, and features through a system of tickets that detail specific problems that need to be fixed, and various features and enhancements that VStar users would like to see implemented in the application. There are currently 567 tickets going back to early 2009 of which 277 remain open. Although great progress has been achieved in resolving the issues, there is still an enormous amount of work to complete the remaining open tickets.

As such, it as been decided that we need to prioritize the work so that it provides the greatest benefit to VStar users. In order to do that we need AAVSO members to look at the SourceForge list of tickets to determine what is of highest priority/interest to users.

Please take a look at the SourceForge website (https://sourceforge.net/). In the upper right hand corner ("Search for software or solutions") box, type in "VStar" and click on that name. Select the "Bugs and Features" tab. This will give you the complete list of all defects, enhancements, and features. Focus on the 277 open tickets. If you find tickets of interest, please report them on this forum as follows: list the numbers and descriptions of the items of interest on the forum page i.e., "Ticket 642-VStar doesn't handle simple files with a mix of field delimiters" which is a defect. Or "Ticket 500-ANOVA: allow bins to be set in dialog" which is an enhancement. Then we can go in and adjust the vote of importance on items that the members consider to have higher priority. The tickets with the higher interest will be addressed first.