VStar Loading from AAVSO Exoplanet Database

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Sun, 12/22/2019 - 23:43

AAVSO has spent time and effort to create an exoplanet observation database similar to the AAVSO International Database (AID).  Many people use the VStar application to load observations from the AID as well as other sources.  Indeed VStar can already load observations for Kepler and K2.  Loading TESS light curves is in the pipeline.

If a VStar plugin were created to load observations from the AAVSO exoplanet database would that be of interest?  If so, how might you use it?

Please share your ideas.


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American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
VSTAR for exoplanets

Hi Cliff

I am new at this exoplanet business. Just took the excellent AIJ course. I can see WASP-12. Now struggling to progress and learn.

Despite Dr Conti's excellent initial efforts, it seems to me that AAVSO has not really embraced exoplanets yet. I suppose that a planet is not a variable star.

AAVSO exoplanet site lists 66 exoplanets. I might have guessed that each of the 66 had at least one observaion.  Secretly, I suspect that there are many more than 66 exoplanets.

I have begun going through the AAVSO list of 66 and have found only 4 submitted observations for Wasp-12 on the exoplanet site. A few more on LCG. That seems like sparse data tfor VSTAR. I hope to find more data on WEBOBS-Exoplanet, but it requires typing 66 of them individually. The PERL list does't work on WEBOBS. I may replace the Pearl | list | pipes with comma , delimiters. 

The Swarthmore transit-search site is wonderful, Most of the data that one could harvest from those transit predictions apparently can not be submitted to AAVSO. Kind of a shame since TESS and others will need amateur follow-up for the next hundred years or at least until we can travel superluminally to check exoplanets locally.