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VStar print capabilities

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VStar print capabilities

I have spent the past week using VStar and am loving it! Thanks! Two requests for future consideration:

1: Would it be possible to print large light curves over several sheets of paper? I'd love to be able to create a light curve of several thousand data points and print it so it is 5 or 6 landsape pages long.

2: Would it be possible to plot and print color indecies? Say select the B and V filters and plot the B-V values?



David Benn
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Hi George I'm glad to know

Hi George

I'm glad to know you are enjoying VStar.

I've just created a SourceForge tracker for the B-V index suggestion. I thought I had one already but didn't, so thanks.

The multi-page print suggestion is an interesting one. My current thought is that you could:

  • select a custom paper size from the print dialog box, or;
  • save the plot as an image file and use another program to print the plot in a custom way. 

I'm not sure whether I can do anything specific within VStar to enable such custom printing.

Please keep the suggestions and bug reports coming!



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