VStar Version 2.13 release

Its been more than a year and many "test versions" in the making, but a new and much improved version of VStar (Version 2.13) is now formally available. To read more about VStar and download a copy, please visit the VStar overview page and click the "Download VStar Now" button. 

This version brings with it a whole lot of new features and capabilities - most of which are centered around improved and enhanced data analysis tools. It also works with the latest plug-ins so you no longer have to download an interim release in order to use them.

Here are some of the things you should look for (extracted from the ChangeLog for this version):

  • Additional modes of invoking DC DFT (standard scan and by frequency or period).
  • Weighted Wavelet Z-Transform (WWZ) for time-frequency analysis.
  • Ability to create multiple-period models, including harmonics, from period analysis (DC DFT) and to obtain Fourier series equation representing model.
  • Option to run the CLEANest period analysis refinement algorithm.
  • Addition of search/filtering capability in observation list pane.
  • Improvements to user interface and memory usage.
  • Initial implementation of VStar scripting (JavaScript only currently) and API.
  • Improvements to plug-in infrastructure, fixes to some plug-ins, additional plug-ins.
  • The ability to exclude observations as an alternative to mark-as-discrepant. Multiple observations can be selected in the observation list and excluded together.
  • Added Mac OS X and DOS launcher applications and Linux launcher shell script for ease of offline use.
  • Added ability to generate a Filter series from an observation list selection.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

As always, we appreciate your continued feedback.