VStar version 2.14.0

A new version of VStar has just been released (the previous version was released in April 2012).

To get it, please visit http://www.aavso.org/vstar-overview and click "Download VStar Now".

If you are a Mac user with OS X 10.7 or higher, you may not be able to use Java Web Start applications after installing the latest Apple Java update (they are no longer supporting Java Web Start applications). If this is the case, visit the SourceForge VStar download page and download vstar-2.14.0.zip, unzip it and place it in the location of your choice on your computer. The ReadMe.txt file in the zipped folder contains instructions for running VStar from there.

This new version of VStar corrects a number of bugs and adds some new features. Changes were also made to some of the plugins (available here: VStar Plugin Library)

Here is an excerpt from the Change Log:
- Added series to binning result and ANOVA result text.
- Added phase, error (uncertainty), object name filter matching.
- Added dot size per series preference dialog tab.
- Added more functions to scripting API to support generation and saving of phase plots.
- Added splash screen invocation in launch scripts and JNLP.
- Set specific series types in observation source plugins (e.g. Kepler).
- First cut of Spanish localisation. Many but not all strings have been localised.
- Added object name field matcher.
- Added support for HJD date type in AAVSO upload format observation source plugin.
- Fixed duplicate legend rendering on phase plots.
- Fixed a null pointer exception when creating a polynomial fit after a phase plot.
- Fixed a null pointer exception when creating a mean curve for phase plot.
- Fixed a null-pointer exception when the power spectrum line graph was being selected.
- Fixed bug in AAVSO upload format observation source plugin in which whitespace around
  field values and directives (e.g. as generated by AIP4Win) caused dataset load failures.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them to the "Software Development" Forum.