VStar Version 2.15.3 Release

VStar version 2.15.3 has just been released!

This version of VStar includes a new .jnlp file which means that if you used VStar before and have a file called vstar.jnlp on your computer, you should delete it and get the new one by clicking the "Download VStar Now" file from here:


You should also replace any plugins you have with new versions from here:


This version of VStar corrects problems with some polynomial fit equations. It also includes the initial implementation of French localisation. Many thanks to Dominique Naillon for his help with the translation!

For a summary of changes and bug fixes included in this release, please see the Change Log.

If you have any questions about using VStar or suggestions for future releases, please visit the VStar Forum and join the conversation! There is also the Data Analysis Forum for those of you who would like to delve deeper into this area.

As always, the AAVSO and all VStar users would like to express their gratitude and appreciation to David Benn for all the great work he has and continues to put into VStar!

Sara Beck
AAVSO Technical Staff, Science Group