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VStar version 2.21.1 released

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David Benn
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VStar version 2.21.1 released

When I said a couple of days ago that:

Most releases have been no more than a year apart, often only several months. I intend to return to a shorter release cycle.

I didn't think we would be making another release quite so soon!

However, it's important to make a new release in light of the webstart problems uncovered after the 2.21.0 release earlier this week.

For one thing, other than changes to core code, there are plugin fixes. For another thing, people have already downloaded 2.21.0 from SourceForge.

In any case, the new 2.21.1 release can be downloaded from here:

in addition to being accessible via webstart.


Key Changes:

  • #699 B-V plug-in seems to be broken in 2.21.0 (null tolerance)
  • #700 B-V plug-in should check if any observations are loaded
  • #701 Many plug-ins fail with webstart (JNLP) in 2.21.0 (particular VeLa Java reflection API usage which failed with webstart launch)
  • #702 HJD converter plug-in fails to allow datasets to be selected after cancellation
  • #703 Index out of bounds error from HJD converter in presence of B-V observations (now checking for non-zero observations)
  • #704 B-V Tolerance (>0..1 day) title could be more clear




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4th link on page

Great job, David et al.!

Btw, redirects to, and results in
Page not found
The requested page "/teams/vstar-software-development" could not be found.


David Benn
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CS Link

Thanks Patrick and for the broken link find. Soon we'll be moving away from SourceForge.


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where is the directory of the installation?

At Win 8.1 64 bit,

If i run  vstar.jnlp    it installs 2.21.1 maybe somehow over the  vstar-2.20.0-win32 directory.

I cannot find any vstar-2.21.1-win32 directory on my PC?

Version 2.21.1 is only starting if I run the downloaded vstar.jnlp

Then it wants install  Version 2.21.1 and is running Version 2.21.1.

But if i call vstar.exe, it is running  Version 2.20.0   ?

Also in windows software settings, vstar is not listet there, if iwant to uninstall it via windows system-software..

regards WBEA

David Benn
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Windows zip

Hi Bernhard

If you want the vstar.exe for 2.21.1, please download the Windows package from:


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