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Weird object: MASTER OT J061452.30+395200.6

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Sebastian Otero
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Weird object: MASTER OT J061452.30+395200.6

Hi all,

MASTER OT J061452.30+395200.6 was discovered in October 2017 by MASTER (see ATel #10289).
The object was not included in most of the astrometric/photometric catalogues in VizieR implying a very large amplitude.
The object has become bright in recent months but was invisible in the past. This behaviour suggests a FUOR or even a FF (Final Flash) object like FG Sge.
Spectroscopic observations are needed to solve its nature.

More recently the Catalina Sky Survey also detected it so we have a nice light curve to check.

An interesting target to observe. It lies in Auriga.
Check VSX for more information.


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