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What about quasars?

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What about quasars?

Hi everyone,

I've found a new high amplitude variable object through ASAS-SN data mining, that is unknown in VSX. Being fainter than 17 magnitude until 2016, it brightened and stayed between 15.5 and 16.5 mag in last two years, sometimes dropping rapidly again. After checking Simbad, I found out it's actually a quasar.

What can we do about submitting quasars to VSX? Probably there are more sources that contain information about quasar variability, so what should I check now?


Gabriel Murawski

Quasars in VSX

Hi Gabriel,

VSX is primarily a catalog of (Galactic) variable stars.  For historical reasons or for AAVSO observing campaigns other objects (like quasars, AGNs, supernovae and variable stars in globular clusters) have sometimes been included.  For the moment however, they will not be included in a systematic way.


Thanks, Patrick!

Thanks, Patrick!

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