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What am I doing wrong - need some help

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What am I doing wrong - need some help

I have acquired images/photometry over two nights of a contact binary star.


I clearly have two maxima and two minima and visually I have complete phase coverage.


I have calculated a new period - close to published so likely to be correct.


Time of minima - I calculated the time of minima based on the deeper minimum however when I fold based on this I only get one minima and one maxima and clearly some overlapping of data points (fig 1).

If however I fold based on the other minima (slightly brighter) the I get two maxima and two minima but part of the curve is missing (fig 2).


Any suggestions welcome




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Period of eclipsing binary is double the one of fig 1


eclipsing binaries have two minima/maxima and hence the period of your fase diagram in Fig. 1 is not vcorrect and should be doubled.



All sorted - my error: TYPO

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