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Wheaton46 - status 27 Aug 2012

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Wheaton46 - status 27 Aug 2012

Wheaton46 - status 27 Aug 2012.

Shelter has been constructed, and power/data cables prepared.  (Wind fence will be installed later.)

Telescope/mount is here, in pieces.  Need to test (in the garage) drive system and focuser.  I want to be sure all electronics work and interface properly with the control computer before I move the rig to the shelter.

Control computer has most software installed.  Final configuration and script tweaking will take place after first light.

CCD (ST-8XE) has passed bench testing.  See attached graphic - at 1x1 binning this camera is linear up to about 44,000 ADU.

Read noise is about 18e-.

Gain is about 2.64 e-/ADU.

Dark current is about 0.35 e-/pixel/second at -10C.  (System will probably operate at -20C.)

These are typical test results for an ST-8.

AAVSONet telescope Wheaton46 should be operational in about 4 to 6 weeks...depending on the findings from various under-the-stars tests.

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CCD ADU rate for various exposure times

Here is the attachment - CCD ADU rate for various exposure times (using constant light source).

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Thank you for all your time

Thank you for all your time and effort bringing another nice scope into the robotic network!



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