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When novae change...

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When novae change...

I saw a paper on arXiv this morning that is quite interesting: it reports the discovery of an eclipsing dwarf nova which is embedded in a nebula. The interesting thing is that this nebula is considered to be a remnant from an old nova explosion (483 CE in Orion), therefore this dwarf nova was once a nova. The paper is talking about millenia-long transition from high accretion states (nova) to low accretion rates (dwarf nova), but we know that GK Per exhibited a similar behavior in less than a century (it was rather several decades). I am not sure what is responsible for this transition. Here's the link to the paper:

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Thanks for the link Stella.  It's an interesting subject, especially as we have two other candidates for Nova-DN transition - AT Cnc and Z Cam (from Galex).

Gary (PYG)

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Hello Gary,   I am interested

Hello Gary,


I am interested in finding out what the verdict is on the Z Cam shell. Is it definitelly connected with a nova eruption - do we know which one?




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