Work and Research Opportunities at the AAVSO

The AAVSO is a unique organization dedicated to variable stars and variable star research. We house the largest and most comprehensive digital variable star database in the world. The possibilities of future research with these data are limitless. If you are interested in working with the data directly from headquarters, or if you are interested in a possible volunteer position, we might have an opportunity available for you!

Janet A. Mattei Research Fellowship - For an active researcher who wishes to use our database, programs, library or other resources at HQ. Young PhDs are given preference, but we encourage applications by any researcher who has a specific project that is of interest to the AAVSO.

Margaret W. Mayall Assistantship - Recipients will work on variable star-related
projects and research at AAVSO headquarters, while also learning about AAVSO and variable stars in general.

Volunteer Opportunities -  We are always looking for people who may be able to help the AAVSO in some way.