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X Ser in outburst

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X Ser in outburst

As some of you may already know, the old nova X Ser is having another dwarf nova type of outburst.  According to images I received from AAVSOnet Coker30, X Ser had brightened to 14.9V as of 9/4.  Unfortunately, Coker30 has not returned any more images for the last few nights.  If anyone else could observe this star, it would help fill out the light curve.  A V filter is best, although  B and I could be useful as well.



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X Ser in Outburst

Greetings All,

Bob, looks like a further increase of about 0.5 mag since your obs. Thanks for bringing this activity to our attention. I remember years back, seeing unusual looking light curves of X Serpentis in an old text. I believe it was once considered somewhat like the Nc/Sym RT Ser, with a protracted, slow brightening(s) over hundreds of days. Really a rare and interesting case. Perhaps V841 Oph would repay further attention as well. Seems quite jumpy at times.






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X Ser in outburst

Thanks for the heads-up!  I've been monitoring this star since last March, but I haven't "looked" at my data yet.  I'll do so this evenning and submit my observations.  Here's what I got yesterday evenning:

X Ser    2456909.67316    14.672    0.034    V
X Ser    2456909.67557    14.682    0.032    V
X Ser    2456909.67796    14.685    0.039    V
X Ser    2456909.66814    14.876    0.051    B
X Ser    2456909.67054    14.894    0.064    B
X Ser    2456909.66301    14.230    0.016    I
X Ser    2456909.66542    14.262    0.017    I

Un-transformed, ensemble magnitudes around air-mass 1.7 to 1.8.  I'll shoot some more as soon as it gets dark to shoot at more reasonable air masses.


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