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X Ser rising to outburst

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X Ser rising to outburst

The old nova X Ser appears to be starting another DN outburst as shown by the following CCD observations:

YYYYMMDD(UT) Mag Obs Chart Remarks 20180105.274 17.45V MRV AAVSO COAST; Err 0.10

20180105.554 17.62V MRV AAVSO AAVSONET-SRO; Err 0.10

20180111.253 16.17V MRV AAVSO COAST; Err 0.06; outburst

Instrument: 35.6 cm f/11 SCT (COAST); 50.0 cm f/4 Newt (SRO)

Observer: Robert J. Modic (MRV)

The last observed DN outburst of this star was in September, 2016.  X Ser is just starting its observing season and can therefore only be observed just before dawn.  Additional follow-up by other observers would be appreciated.


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