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Your GW Lib obs ESSENTIAL for HST obs on May 30

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Your GW Lib obs ESSENTIAL for HST obs on May 30

The HST planners will decide tomorrow morning (2013 May 29) whether to go ahead with the COS observations of GW Lib on May 30. Your observations are essential to their making this decision! See AAVSO Special Notice #354 for details.

Many thanks and good observing  -  Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Thanks so much for your help

Thanks so much for your help with GW Lib - the HST observations went well, and we got a fantastic spectrum of the white dwarf in this CV. The 2007 outburst had heated the white dwarf by several 1000 degrees, and it was time to take again its temperature, checking if it has cooled down to its quiescent value. Well, even a first glance shows that this is definitely not the case - to our surprise, as we are now 6 years past the outburst.  The other very exciting fact about GW Lib is that it contains a pulsating white dwarf - indeed, the first one to be identified. As the white dwarf was heated during the outburst, the pulsations stopped, then resumed, but at different frequencies. The new data will help us to understand how the heating during the outbursts affects the envelope where the pulsations originate.

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