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89th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO: Paper Session Abstracts

Paper abstracts and schedule from Spring Meeting 2000

The 89th Spring Meeting of the
American Association of Variable Star Observers
Huntsville Marriott Hotel
Huntsville, Alabama
April 15, 2000

89th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO: Meeting and HEA Workshop Synopsis

89th Spring Meeting and HEA Workshop

Text by Dan Brannen Junior (from AAVSO Newsletter 24).

89th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO

The 89th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO and the First High Energy Astrophysics Workshop

High Energy Network activities in 2009

Activities of the AAVSO International High Energy Network, FY 2008-2009

High Energy Network Overview

The AAVSO International High Energy Network came about as an evolution of the AAVSO International GRB Network. The GRB Network was established at the First High Energy Workshop for Amateur Astronomers in April, 2000. The GRB network was a great success, detecting many GRB afterglows and discovering a few on our own. The follow-up of GRB optical afterglows continues to be a major focus of the Network today.



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