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2 Questions on VPhot's GENERAL EXPORT form

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Lew Cook
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2 Questions on VPhot's GENERAL EXPORT form

1. I got 2 sets of data for several variables in the General Export listing. One were sets of I while the other were V (I also use B and R as well as C). Other than looking back at the sequence, it wasn't obvious which was which. Could we have the filter listed as a choice of boxes to check?

2. Speaking of boxes to check, is there some reason for NOT having a "Check All" box at the top?

I start losing interest after checking thousands of boxes when I could just check a couple hundred.


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Time Series General Export

Hi Lew:

Not sure exactly what you are asking? General export occurs under time series. You normally would have run a time series in one filter. Is that where you are starting? General export is set up to save data in other formats than AAVSO Extended Format.

When you open the set of time series data by clicking on the Target / Check Light Curve View Details, you can filter some images by use of left and right arrows on table to select some/all of the images. Then only the selected images are used / available for analysis and export.

Is this what you are referring to?


Lew Cook
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This morning I ran ~6 time series, some had a single color (of course only one color at a time - both V and I). I wanted to see how well the comp stars fit each filter. One field was M67 and the other was ASAS+J174519-2301.5 both on T32. I measured AG Cnc for M67, just to have a star to measure, but I measured most of the variables in each field. I got data for as many comps as I could in each case.

I will extract the v and i measurements and do a two color transformation a la  Arne.

I've also run two or three color time series :B, V, I, B, V, I, B, V ... ad nauseum - or until I fall asleep.


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