Alert Notice 329: 1815+50 DV Draconis - Rare outburst

November 22, 2005

SUBJECT: 1815+50 DV Draconis - Rare outburst

Object: 1815+50 DV DRA

Coordinates: R.A. 18h 17m 23.07s Decl. +50o 48' 17.7" (J2000.0)

The possible WZ Sge-type cataclysmic variable is in outburst, according to observations reported by Tim Parson, Forest Lake, MN, and Patrick Schmeer, Bischmisheim, Germany. Schmeer reports ([AAVSO-photometry]) this observation is only the second recorded outburst of DV Dra; its first one was a superoutburst in June 1984, when the star reached photographic magnitude 15.1 (IBVS No. 3626). No outbursts are recorded in the AAVSO International Database since DV Dra was added in 1994.

DV Dra is faint and near the sun, so it is a difficult target for visual observers, however, visual observations are welcomed. CCD observers are urged to conduct V-band time series photometry, keeping the runs as long as possible, and the exposures as short as possible with S/N ratio = 20 or better.

Charts: AAVSO 'e' and 'f' scale charts for DV Dra may be found at:  [obsolete link; create charts using VSP at ]

These charts may also be requested from AAVSO Headquarters.

Note that on the 'f' chart, DV Dra is misidentified. DV Dra is actually 15 arcsec west of the star marked on the chart as DV. DV Dra may be unambiguously identified on the Downes et al. finding chart at  [broken link]

Report Object to the AAVSO as: 1815+50 DV DRA

Observations Reported to the AAVSO:
Nov. 04.7819 UT, <16.1, C. Jones, West Hanningfield, Essex, England; 06.7960, <15.0, G. Poyner, Birmingham, England; 08.0493, <15.0, M. Simonsen, Imlay City, MI; 09.8020, <15.0, Poyner; 15.0650, <17.5 CR, P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim, Germany; 15.0650, <17.5 CR, Schmeer; 16.8110, <15.0, Poyner; 17.0670, <18.0 CR, Schmeer; 18.0640, <17.2 CR, Schmeer; 18.8320, <15.0, Poyner; 19.0640, <18.0 CR, Schmeer; 20.0028, <15.0, Simonsen; 21.0639, 14.9, T. Parson, Forest Lake, MN; 22.0620, 15.1 CR, Schmeer.

Congratulations to Tim and Patrick on their independent discoveries of this rare outburst!

Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

Elizabeth O. Waagen
Senior Technical Assistant



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