AAVSO membership

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AAVSO members are those in our international community who pay annual dues. In exchange for these dues, members receive exclusive access to certain AAVSO observing tools, engaging programs, and more.  

Some members share their journeys on how they became interested in astronomy, or why they joined AAVSO.


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AAVSO programs and services exclusive to AAVSO members:

 Members of the AAVSO also receive:

  • New member informative letter and membership e-certificate
  • Online New Member Kit, which includes:
    • publications, such as a copy of the AAVSO By-Laws, Journal of the AAVSO, and Impact Report
    • links to resources and engagement opportunities AAVSO offers
    • a user guide to the AAVSO's Variable Star Plotter (VSP), our online chart-making utility
    • reference documents perfect if you are beginning science with AAVSO


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  Our members have made the AAVSO what it is today. Join now and start contributing to real science.

  The AAVSO:

  • continuously expands its diverse community worldwide
  • engages its members in educational programs, Observing Sections, remote and in-person events, research, and stimulating discussions
  • secures and maintains databases and online tools necessary to facilitate our observer's work
  • ensures the high quality of data in our databases
  • provides entry points and introductory programs that allow beginners to make a meaningful contribution to variable star research

If you are looking to engage with other astronomers, gain access to AAVSO exclusive membership benefits, and/or support the AAVSO's mission and initiatives, then you belong in the AAVSO!

Today, over 1,400 members worldwide are dedicated to variable star research— we invite you to join us today!