AAVSO President's Letter, Summer 2022

Our 111th Annual AAVSO Meeting will be in Tucson, AZ this November. Besides our scientific program, the meeting will also provide us an opportunity for networking, fun, and fellowship. We seek to make the meeting environment as safe as possible for our members, staff, and guests. We will be monitoring closely the evolving CDC and AZ pandemic guidelines. I hope you can attend. A coyote in front of a cactus. Background is astrophotograph filled with clouds. Text reads, AAVSO 111th Annual Meeting & Workshop. November 4-7, 2022. Tucson, AZ
A man in a baseball cap and t-sshirt, wearing glasses, on a woods trail The AAVSO has had a busy year full of change, and with change comes opportunity. Kathy Spirer has done a wonderful job filling in as the Interim Executive Director, and our new Executive Director, Dr. Brian Kloppenborg (left), will be starting on September 16th. He brings powerful professional and personal skill sets to the AAVSO. We look forward to his leadership working with the board, staff, and membership to implement our Strategic Plan. Please join me in welcoming Brian on board!

    Three bubbles overlapping in a pyramid shape with AAVSO swirly star logo at center.. Text in one bubble reads, "high membership satisfaction." Text in another reads, "Increased organization impact." Text in another reads, "Long-term financial stability"


Our old headquarters building was structurally unsound, is sold, and will soon be demolished. It was, fortunately, in a prime location, The land has appreciated substantially in value. The capital gain from that sale will improve the financial position of our endowment. Our new headquarters facility is a rental on the top floor of a nearby office building. It provides functional work spaces for the staff, appropriate in a modern, teleworking environment, and presents a professional appearance. Please pay us a visit when you are in the area.

With these transitions completed, it is now time to refocus on our mission—to facilitate the study of variable stars and kindred objects. This will require a rigorous scientific and educational effort in collaboration with our membership and other scientific organizations. Our endowment, annual capital campaign, and dues alone will not adequately fund the scientific research that is incumbent upon us to complete. These projects will therefore require the additional support provided by an aggressive Development Plan that will seek funding from organizations and individuals in the form of grants and donations. Details to follow as this plan unfolds over the next several months.

May we never lose our sense of wonder. Remember, LOOK UP! In the words of Carl Sagan,

“When you make the finding yourself—even if you are the last person on Earth to see the light—you’ll never forget it.”

Dark Skies,

Dave Cowall