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Special Notice #109: Optical transient in NGC 300 [NGC 300 OT2008-1]

May 16, 2008

IAU Circular 8946 (Daniel W.E. Green, ed.) reports the discovery of an optical transient [NGC 300 OT2008-1] in the bright spiral galaxy NGC 300 by L.A.G. Monard of Pretoria, South Africa.  The object was initially detected at an unfiltered magnitude of 16.5 on 2008 April 24.16 UT (JD 2454580.66), and has since brightened to magnitude 14.2 on 2008 May 15.14 (JD 2454601.64).  Subsequent spectroscopy of this object by H.E. Bond (STScI), F.M. Walter (Stony Brook U.), and J. Velasquez (CTIO) indicate that the object is not a typical nova, supernova, or LBV; they suggest the object may be similar to the peculiar object V838 Mon which erupted in 2002.

The object is located at RA: 00 54 34.16 , Dec: -37 38 28.6 (J2000).

It is well within the galaxian light of NGC 300, but is in a relatively uncrowded position within the galaxy.  Nothing appears at this location on DSS images.

Photometry of this object is strongly encouraged.  Finding charts for this object may be generated by entering the coordinates above into VSP:

A follow-up Special or Alert Notice [AAVSO Special Notice #110] will be issued when further information is available.

Congratulations to Berto Monard on another exciting discovery!

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.


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