Special Notice #130: Outburst of the dwarf nova UW Tri


October 28, 2008: According to observations by Gary Poyner, Carl Knight, and Tom Lloyd Evans (baavss-alert #1849 and elsewhere), the rarely-outbursting dwarf nova UW Tri is in full outburst. Gary Poyner notes that this is the first confirmed outburst of this star since 1995. This is a very high outburst amplitude star, likely approaching 8 magnitudes from quiescence to maximum. According to Kato et al (2001; IBVS #5116), the period is probably around 0.056 days, making this a good candidate for a WZ Sge-type system. All observations, including visual estimates, instrumental measurements, and CCD time-series are strongly encouraged at this time. Filtered observations are preferred for single instrumental observations, but please obtain S/N of at least 50 per observation when doing time-series.

The following are observations of this outburst submitted to the AAVSO up to the present time: m(CV) < 18.4, JD 2454764.66458 (2008 Oct 25.1646; E. Muyllaert); m(vis) = 14.3, JD 2454767.508 (2008 Oct 28.0080; T. Lloyd Evans); m(vis) = 14.6, JD 2454767.531 (2008 Oct 28.0310; T. Lloyd Evans); m(vis) = 14.3, JD 2454767.574 (2008 Oct 28.0740; T. Lloyd Evans). Observer G. Poyner also reported via baavss-alert/cvnet-outburst an observation of m(vis) = 14.2 on JD 2454767.531 (2008 Oct 28.031).

UW Tri is located at the following J2000 coordinates:

RA: 02 45 17.30 , Dec: +33 31 26.0

Charts for UW Tri may be plotted using VSP: http://www.aavso.org/observing/charts/vsp/index.html?pickname=UW%20Tri

Please submit all observations to the AAVSO as "UW Tri".

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.


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