Special Notice #249: FTP site for submitting AGN images requested in Alert Notice 443

August 19, 2011: As announced in AAVSO Alert Notice 443, Dr. Misty Bentz (Georgia State University) requests observations of four active galactic nuclei (AGN) for a study of variability in these sources by the STARE Collaboration. She requests BVRcIc filtered photometry of NGC 6814, NGC 7213, NGC 7469, and NGC 1566 from July 10, 2011, to November 1, 2011. She also requests that observers submit their images for analysis. An FTP site has been created for this purpose.

Dr. Bentz writes: "I'm still hoping to have a copy of the images from the observers so we can go back and do the photometric measurements in a consistent manner after the observing has ended.

The info for our FTP site is as follows:

username: stare2011
password: agnRfun4u

Upon login, everyone will automatically be located in the correct directory.  I've asked our collaboration members to use the following naming scheme when uploading images (to help everything stay a bit more organized):


So, for example, if this was the third exposure for NGC6814 in the V band from Hard Labor Creek Observatory on the night of Aug 1, it would be:


Thanks again for all your help!"

Coordinates (J2000.0):
NGC 6814    19 42 40.60    -10 19 25.3
NGC 7213    22 09 16.24    -47 10 00.4
NGC 7469    23 03 15.75    +08 52 25.8
NGC 1566    04 20 00.40    -54 56 16.0

Observers are asked to report their observations to the AAVSO International Database via WebObs.  For technical assistance please contact aavso@aavso.org. For more information on this project, please contact Dr. Bentz directly (bentz@chara.gsu.edu).

This Special Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.



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