Special Notice #56: N Vul 07 [V458 Vul]

August 9, 2007: N Vul 07 (CBET 1027, AAVSO Special Notice #55) is most likely a nova [V458 Vul]; high-resolution spectra are being analyzed to confirm the object's nature. An AAVSO Alert Notice will be issued later, but the purpose of this special notice is to inform observers that:

  - N Vul 07 (19:54:24.64 +20:52:51.9 (2000.0)) has been added to the AAVSO files as 1950+20 N VUL 07.

 - An AAVSO chart with photometry by Richard Miles may be obtained from the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP) by going to http://www.aavso.org/observing/charts/vsp/ and entering 1950+20 or N VUL 07.

 - Observations reported to the AAVSO indicate that N Vul 07 is continuing to brighten:

2007 Aug 08.9604 UT, 9.30 CCD (based on USNO A2.0), D. Rodriguez, Madrid, Spain;

09.0056, 9.3 (based on Tycho magnitude), S. Swierczynski, Dobczyce, Poland;

09.0486, 9.0, Swierczynski;

09.0590, 9.4 (AAVSO RS Sge comparison sequence), G. Chaple, Townsend, MA;

09.0931, 8.7, M. Komorous, London, Ontario, Canada;

09.1111, 8.7 (GSC 1625-855 (8.6), GSC 1629-594 (9.0)), L. Shotter, Uniontown,PA;

09.1875, 8.4 (based on Tycho magnitudes), R. King, Duluth, MN;

09.2083, 8.7 (GSC1628-1232 (8.4), GSC1628-214 (9.1), J. Bortle, Stormville, NY;

Tim Crawford, Arch Cape, OR, reports V photometry (using Richard Miles' value of 9.802V for comparison star TYC 1628 0666):

Aug 09.19576 UT, 8.368;

.21751, 8.349;

.24450, 8.361;

.27008, 8.344;

.38532, 8.223;

.40890, 8.178;

.43109, 8.143.

Please submit your observations of N VUL 07 to the AAVSO via WebObs as soon as possible after you make them. Please be sure to include the comparison stars used.

Many thanks and good observing!

This special notice was compiled by: Elizabeth O. Waagen



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