Abstract Checklist


Abstract deadline: September, 3rd 2023

At the top of your abstract document, include:

  • Title of the paper, names of first author and co-authors, and affiliation
  • Whether your submission is for an in-person oral presentation, a remote oral presentation, or an in person poster
  • The name(s) of all presenters, their email address(es), and phone number(s), and if each is presenting in person or remotely. 

The points in this checklist are meant to help you develop an abstract that will meet the new presentation guidelines set by the Science Program Committee. These five areas should be covered in a one- to three-paragraph abstract. The meeting organizers will review submitted abstracts following this checklist. Abstracts that omit required elements will be returned to the author for revision. Revisions still must be accepted by the abstract deadline of September 3rd, 2023. If you have questions, please email Joyce Guzik at joy@lanl.gov and CC Elizabeth Waagen at eowaagen@aavso.org.

  • Motivation: why this research is important and why the author thinks the meeting attendee should be interested in the results. This portion may be omitted with justification, but it is strongly encouraged.
  • Problem statement: the scientific/historical/educational problem being addressed, question being asked, or hypothesis being tested.
  • Methods: brief overview of equipment, methodology, and/or software used (just enough to enable the reader to appreciate the research).
  • Results (obtained or anticipated): overview of results obtained, or (in the case of unfinished work) anticipated.
  • Conclusions/significance of results: why these results are important and how they will affect the field.