Alert Notice 473: T Tauri Stars Observing Campaign

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 22:12

Visual Observers,


Please read this Alert Notice on the AAVSO web page. This is a great chance for visual observers to contribute to a major study being done by professional astronomers. I just printed my charts and am ready to start observing them. Read the entire Alert Notice. It's exciting. I hope as many will participate as possible.


Chris Stephan   SET

Robert Clyde Observatory

Sebring, FL   USA

Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde, Werkgroep Veranderlijke Sterren (Belgium) (VVS)
Be carefull when using the

Be carefull when using the VSP for DR Tau. There is a bright star (mag. 10.5) not included on the charts (gsc 1271 1265), close to the position of V1001 Tau. It's not a nova :-) ...and makes it tricky to orientate in the starfield.

Magyar Csillagaszati Egyesulet, Valtozocsillag Szakcsoport (Hungary) (MCSE)
The 10m star is not V1001

Dear Mike,

I doubt the 10m star would be V1001 Tau. Aladin shows a kinda 13.7 mag nebulosity (or very close double star) close to the position of V1001. APASS data show this star seems to be variable (Verr=0.183 mag), while the 10.7 mag star seems to be constant in APASS (Verr=0.005 mag).

Clear skies,

Robert Fidrich (FRF)