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ASASSN-15hq, another RRAB star?

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Sebastian Otero
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ASASSN-15hq, another RRAB star?

Hi all,

ASASSN-15hq is the most recent of the ASAS-SN transients. It is described as a CV candidate with V= 15.0 but the available data indicate that the star was always detected at bright magnitudes and it is present in all astrometric catalogues.
APASS gives a range 14.6 - 15.8 V and with a B-V changing from ~0.15 at maximum to ~0.5 at minimum. All very indicative of an RRAB-type variable (last year ASAS-SN discovered another one in the same context so it wouldn't be surprising).

We don't have survey data this time to solve this object's nature

If anyone wants to take up the challenge, ask the Sequence Team for a sequence and point your telescopes to Aquila:

20 22 53.37 -02 43 24.4 (J2000.0)


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