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ASASSN-17hx Nova in Scutum

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ASASSN-17hx Nova in Scutum

Hi all, I see from my twitter feed that this nova was discovered on June 23rd last, now being reported as magnitude 8.8 unfiltered.

it seems to be slowly rising in brightness, my apologies if this had been covered already. 





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Nova in Scutum

Is there a VSP chart available yet to make observations of this nova?


Chris Stephan   SET

Deconinck Michel
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Sure, use the  name ASASSN

Sure, use the  name ASASSN-17HX in

I visually estimated this star since end June, that was not easy because of the rich field in this Milky Way area but now the magnitude helps.

Clear sky to you all


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Nova Sct 2017

I find the lightcurve of Nv Sct '17 so far to be most interesting. Unquestionably, it belongs to the class of slow novae, by far the most unpredictable in behavior, subject to erratic variability and for visual observers the most "entertaining" of all the nova types in my book. While probably still a bit early to conjecture Nv Sct '17 future, I might speculate that so far its lightcurve is suggestive of a class J nova (per Sterope, Schaefer & Hendren). Rather similar early behavior was displayed by V723 Cas and HR Del in the past. If indeed similar, the star might remain reasonably near maximum brightness, while perhaps subject to striking fluctuations, all the way until it nears solar conjunction...or possibly even longer!

J.Bortle (BRJ)


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Nova SCT 2017 Re-Brightening

I'm rather surprised to find no one has mentioned this nova's dramatic re-brightening which has taken place over the past 50 or 60 hours. Although having faded from its 8.5 brilliance at maximum in the very last days of July to a magnitude of 11.0 to 11.2 by August 25th and oddly plateauing there until three nights ago, the nova is now experiencing a major re-brightening! Last evening before moonrise (Sept 10.0535UT) I recorded it as 9.5 magnitude and judging from the LCG's plot it would appear to still be on the rising leg of the re-brightening. Certainly a peculiar animal this one!

J.Bortle   (BRJ)


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Nova SCT 2017 Re-Brightening

It is brighter than 9.0 now.Worth to be followed with new enthousiasm! It is the first observation after 6 days of clouds and rain here in Rome: a great difference immediately noticed.

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Brighter nova

Indeed I also saw it much brighter the past nights. Data are private for the moment.


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Nova SCT 2017 Re-Brightening

OBJECT                DATE          MAG         
--------  ------------  ---------  -----  --  ---  ---
ASASSN-17HX 20170911.855   8.90V

OBS: Diego Rodriguez-Guadarrama Observatory
TEL: LX200 0.25-m f/6.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain


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