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BSM Berry TELESCOP name and transforms

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BSM Berry TELESCOP name and transforms

I just got images for BSM-Berry from 2020-04-03 for GU Sgr.

When I attempt to do two color transforms in VPhot, the process works fine for B-V, but no tranforms showed up for V-I.   The V-I transforms are shown in the BSM_Berry telescope setup in VPhot

Are the transforms for Berry (as shown in VPhot telescope setup) still valid.  If so, why does the VPhot two color transforms tool work with GU Sgr B-V images by not with V-I?

Another problem with the new images:  In the VPhot images list these Berry images are shown as coming from "ACP->Celestron CGEM 5.28".   WebObs didn't seem to be bothered by this, but can this please be fixed. for future images.



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