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AAVSO Newsletter

The AAVSO Newsletter was a periodic, general forum that supported our various observing programs with lists of new targets, observing programming ideas, and general information that spans a wide area of interest. Guest writers contributed pieces that ranged from current events to book reviews.


Number 78 - October 2018





The Journal of the AAVSO (JAAVSO)
The main variable star research publication of the AAVSO.




PEP Newsletter v18n1

Message from the Editor

Once again, photoelectric photometry was well represented at the AAVSO Fall Meeting, held this year in Chicopee and South Hadley MA, with Tom Dennis and Ron Zissell as hosts.

PEP Newsletter v17n2

Photoelectric Photometry Newsletter, Vol. 17, No. 2
April 1997
J. Percy, editor


PEP Newsletter v24n1; July 2006

Volume 24, Number 1; July 2006

Editor: John R. Percy

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