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Presentation Library

As part of our outreach and education commitment, the AAVSO provides a list of prepared PowerPoint presentations written by AAVSO members, intended for you to use in a talk or presentation about variable stars and how to study them. These presentations cover a wide range of topics: from Variable Star Observing Techniques to Dark Sky Preservation to CCD Photometry Techniques. Intended audiences range from general public to advanced astronomy meetings.

95th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO: Scientific Paper Session Abstracts

The 95th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO
Rockford, Illinois
May 4-6, 2006

Scientific Paper Session Schedule
and Powerpoint Presentations (when available)

Fall Meeting: Presentation Files

Below are presentation files that are available for download (as ppt or pdf files) from the 99th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO.  Click on the title to view or download the presentation file.

Contribute a Presentation

We invite submissions to the listing of available PowerPoint presentations. Each presentation must meet the following criteria:

   1. Each slide must be annotated with text as would be provided by a speaker when appropriate.
   2. The presentation must be of your own original work. Any images, graphs, quotes, etc. in the presentation, if not the author's, must give proper acknowledgement to the actual owner of the work.
   3. The PowerPoint presentation must be compatible with PowerPoint v.97 and later.

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