Useful links for new solar observers

A vast amount of useful and informative material relating to the appearance of the sun at different wavelengths, visual and instrumental observation, and analyses and records of sunspot data are available via the Internet. The list below is intended to provide the new observer with some initial points of contact with this resource. Some entries in the list present the full address required to get to a specific display or table.

Solar Reporting Form


The sunspot reporting form below has been created with a variation of the SUNKEY.exe program
and embodies the information and column/character alignments required by the AAVSO Solar
Division data processing software. It can be used by any observer who has previously sent an
email report to the Division using SUNKEY.exe or the regular-mail paper report.

Solar Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet for Calculation of Ra and Ri Statistics

The spreadsheet below was developed by William Wilson (WILW), a solar observer who regularly contributes his observations to the AAVSO's Solar Division. It enables the user to compare his/her R-numbers to the Ra numbers reported by the Division and to the SIDC International Index (Ri). The spreadsheet was prepared Excel 97/98/2000/2001 and will open in the PC or Mac programs in that series, since the file format is the same for all of them.