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SN 2016coj in NGC 4125

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SN 2016coj in NGC 4125

Low-rez spectra from 6-11 (blue) and 6-16 (red) from Northern Skies Observatory, Peacham, VT.

SA-200 in the filter wheel of a Planewave CDK-17 with Apogee Alta U16M camera.  Non-linear calibration, corrected for instrument response, 11.1Angstroms/pixel, so only major features visible.  Processed in RSpec.

Clear skies,


Brad Vietje, VBPA

Newbury, VT

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SN 2016coj in NGC 4125

Nice work Brad!  I was trying to shoot it last night, but I started too late

with my L-200 and 150 ln/mm grating spectroscope.  Will try again tommorrow.



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