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crazy year

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crazy year



I want to apologize for my small amount of activity this year. I went through a divorce and retired from teaching in Florida, moved back to northeast Ohio. I have been in a second and third story rental house. I could not even get my scopes out to observe.

I am moving tomorrow to Wooster. Once settled in, I will have access to my scopes and will be able to carry/roll them out to the observing sight in the parking lot. Should work OK. I will be right on the backside of Wooster College, but the light pollution in all directions is pretty well blocked. It will not be as good as Florida, but I can still get much done, especially with my visual work on eclipsing binaries. So, expect me back at it soon!!!:)


Chris Stephan   SET

Robert Clyde Observatory

Wooster, OH

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Crazy Year

  Sorry for the year you've had Chris but welcome back to the Midwest! Ironically, I was either unemployed or part time employed three years ago and found myself with plenty of observing time. After finding secure employment again I have much less free time to spend at the telescope so my numbers of estimates have also gone way down! 

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