Digitizer Awards

The AAVSO Data Digitization project aims to digitize (mostly historical) variable star data in print but not available in electronic form. Working in coordination with AAVSO Headquarters, volunteers digitize these data from primary sources, providing the star name, JD, decimal of the day (where possible), magnitude, and observer initials (obscode) for each observation; comparison star and other useful information are included where available. The data are uploaded into the AAVSO International Database by HQ staff, and information is added citing the data source and the name of the digitizer. Individuals participating in this project are eligible for an AAVSO Digitizer Award as they reach increasing numbers of observations.

Individuals digitizing historical sunspot data (to date, from early AAVSO solar observers) are also eligible for an AAVSO Digitizer Award.

We are very grateful to these volunteers for the important contribution they make towards enabling digital access to these essential data for the researchers of today and tomorrow. Thank you, digitizers!!

Digitization Award levels are 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 15000, 25000, 35000, 40000, 45000, 50000, and increments of 5000 observations.

The following individuals have received AAVSO Digitizer Awards at the level(s) indicated:

Bruno Billiaert - 5,000 variable star observations (awarded in 2013); 15,000 (2015); 20,000 (2016)

Christian Froeschlin - 7,500 variable star observations (2012); 10,000 (2015)

Noah Goldman - 10,000 variable star observations (2017)

Stephen McKay - 2,500 variable star observations (2012)

Ken Mogul - 2,500 variable star observations (2012)

Terry Moon - 10,000 variable star observations (2016)

Stuart Morris - 5,000 variable star and sunspot observations (2016); 10,000 (2017)

Kevin Paxson - 50,000 variable star observations ( 2012); 60,000 (2013); 100,000 (2015, posthumously)

Andrew Rupp - 2,500 variable star observations (2012, posthumously)

Brian Skiff - 7,500 variable star observations (2012)

Robert Stine - 2,500 variable star observations (2012)

Doug Welch - 20,000 variable star observations (2012)