Discussion Groups & Email Lists

The subscribe and archive links on this page have been taken offline due to the AAVSO website switch to the cloud server and will be put back online shortly.

Remember there is always a human being – sometimes thousands - at the other end of what you write. Check out our Rules for Use of Email Discussion Groups. To subscribe to these email lists, click on the links below.


  • SID Discussion Group (subscribe | read archives) - Dedicated to searching for SIDs caused by solar flares and GRB afterglows

  • AAVSO Solar Discussion Group (subscribe | read archives) - Dedicated to general discussions regarding our nearest stellar neighbor.

Archives (inactive lists)

  • These lists were replaced by the AAVSO online forums.

  • General AAVSO Discussion Group (read archives) - General discussion of matters related to variable star observing

  • Photometry Discussion Group (read archives) - Dedicated to technical aspects of variable star photometry and AAVSO variable star photometry projects. Both CCD and PEP photometry discussions are encouraged.

  • High Energy Network Discussion Group (read archives) - Dedicated to multi-color photometry of high energy phenomenon such as GRBs, blazars, polars, and more

Due to a system crash, we lost some e-mail archives from March 1, 2006 - March 5, 2007. Most of them have been recovered and can be accessed here.