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Thank you for your interest in the APASS Catalog.  If it helps your research, please let us know!


  • RA & Dec. can be in sexagesmial (HH:MM:SS, DD:MM:SS) or decimal degrees
  • Information on APASS is available here.
  • Click the following link for notes on Data Release 1
  • For CSV output, the filename has the format "apass_(RAdeg)_(DECdeg)_(radius).csv"
  • 2012 May 30: For CSV output, the header line format has been changed to remove blank spaces and non-letter characters.  Software that uses APASS CSV files as input may require modification.
  • Radius is currently limited to 15 degrees or less. If you need a larger query, or if you need data for a large list of individual stars, please contact us. Queries in rich star fields may take several minutes to complete.
  • APASS DR 8 and subsequent data releases are available on VizieR and the Virtual Observatory.
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