JAAVSO v25n2





Volume 25 Number 2 1997
57 Introducing Mira Variables
Janet Akyüz Mattei
  abstract pdf  
63 Narrow-Band Photometry of Mira Variables
Robert F. Wing
  abstract pdf
70 Personalities of Mira Variables as Revealed by their Spectra-Verdict: Bizarre!
Robert F. Garrison
  abstract pdf
75 High Angular Resolution Observations of Mira
Margarita Karovska
  abstract pdf
80 What Kinds of Dust Exist in Circumstellar Shells of Miras?
Irene R. Little-Marenin, Stephen J. Little
  abstract pdf
88 Microlensing Surveys and Long Period Variables
Marie-Odile Mennessier
  abstract pdf
93 Studies of Mira Stars and Their Small-Amplitude Relatives
John R. Percy
  abstract pdf
99 "Theoretical Glue": Understanding the Observed Properties of Miras with the Help of Theoretical Models
Lee Anne Willson
  abstract pdf
115 History of the Discovery of Mira Stars
Dorrit Hoffleit
  abstract pdf
137 Visual Observations of Nine Neglected Southern Long Period Variables
Thomas A. Cragg
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