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flash dialog box killing upload

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flash dialog box killing upload

Hi folks.  Often when uploading images to VPHOT via the web interface, I get a dialog box part way through the upload that reads something like

A script is causing adobe flash player 10 to run slowly.  Do you want to abort script. Y/N

The upload freezes until I hit "no."  And if I have left the computer uploading, it stays frozen / time out and I have to start the upload again from wherever it stopped.  If I do catch it in time to restart the download, I get the dialog box again later.  This is a real pain.  I sometimes have hundreds of images to upload, but I have to sit and babysit the upload to get it done.  Is there a switch somewhere I can throw to keep it from doing this?  I am using firefox 5, but this isn't new to the particular version of firefox.  It has been doing this since I started working with VPHOT six months ago.



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same problem

I have the same problem, too. no matter, whether I upload with linux or windows. I use firefox in both cases. I solution for this problem would be nice.


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flash dialog box killing upload

Hi Walt,

I think this one will be difficult to fix, as the problem is inside adobe flash.

Have you tried zipping all images into one big file before uploading? Do you get the same problem then?


flash dialog box killing upload

Hi Geir.  No I haven't tried that.  It's late now so won't get to try it tonight, but will get back to you.  Thanks for your help.

flash dialog box killing upload



I uploaded a batch of images tonight via a single zip file.  It uploaded without the offending dialog box.  Admittedly though, I don't always get the flash interruption, so a single test is just a good start.  I'll go that way in the future and see if it recurs.  Thanks for all your help and for this fantastic tool.

Clearest skies,


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