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How variable is the SUN

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How variable is the SUN


 I never thought of the Sun as being a variable start? So I guess the question is how variable is it? 


From our own Mike

From our own Mike Simonsen.

Jim Jones, JJI

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How valuable is the sun or the data from the observations

Hi:  I was reminded how valuable it is when I attended the Solar Physics devision  meeting in Boston, Mass. Alot a folks doing research need the data.  I have also subsribed to the Sun-Earth connection website.  It is our nearest Star.  Without its' warmth. Where would we be?  Best HNL

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Not much!

The short answer - It is very slightly variable, but like all average mid-main sequence stars, they can be considered of essentially constant energy output. The major variation is the 11-year solar cycle, where the output varies by about one part in a thousand, or one milli-magnitude (0.001).

Mike LMK

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Mike, Thanks for the

Thanks for the clarification.


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