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HST COS observations of 1RXS J023238.8-371812 scheduled

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HST COS observations of 1RXS J023238.8-371812 scheduled

HST COS observations have been scheduled for the next target on the CV list of Gaensicke, Patterson, and Henden (on behalf of a large consortium of astronomers; AAVSO Alert Notice 471):

1RXS J023238.8-371812  on 2012 November 1 22:52:28 UT through November 2 07:09:06 UT

Observations are needed urgently. Please see AAVSO Special Notice #302 for details. Many thanks and good observing, Elizabeth Waagen

Matthew Templeton
Observations of 1RXS J023238.8-371812 needed right now

Hello everyone,

Further to this notice, we have an urgent request from Boris Gansicke on 2012 October 31 requesting observations of 1RXS J023238.8-371812 through the end of the planned HST observation on 2012 November 2.  Our last observation in the AID was on 2012 October 29, which is not close enough to the observing window for HST controllers.  If you're unable to detect the star, please report your faintest comparison as a fainter-than.

Many thanks to everyone who's sent observations of 1RXS J023238.8-371812 so far!

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Moon is the issue

I will give it a try visually in a few hours. However, I am wondering if the PI's consider the moon's location when scheduling these campaigns which need ground based coverage?

Mike LMK

Andrew Pearce
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Moon is a problem

Hi All

I agree with Mike.  I have been battling weather and a very bright moon over the last few days which is why I have not been able to observe the star since October 25th.  I understand they want confirmation that the star is below 15th mag.  I have a 16" reflector which reaches 15th mag but not at full moon.  I would doubt most visual observers would reach 15th mag at this time (unless they have a monster dob) so it sounds like it's the CCD observers who will have to be relied upon.


Andrew Pearce (PEX)

Matthew Templeton
HST observing plan is activated

Thanks to everyone who responded -- I've just heard from Boris Gaensicke that HST has been notified, and the observing plan has been approved for tonight.  Please continue observing this star through the end of November 2 if possible.  Then we can switch to Special Notice #304.

We heard from several people about the moon causing problems for both visual and CCD observers.  To some extent we have to work with whatever HST gives us, but Elizabeth and I will check the planned observing windows against the upcoming lunar calendar.  We probably won't be able to modify the schedule, but we can certainly give you all a heads-up as to any expected difficult conditions.

Thanks again to our observers!

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