2014 Council Elections -- Suggestions of Candidates Wanted

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 16:30

Dear Colleagues,

It's council election time.  The nominating committee (me, Dr. Paula Szkody, Dr. Tom Williams) are asking for suggestions of possible candidates, including yourself.  Candidates must be AAVSO members, willing and able to actively serve in the leadership of our Association.  They may be amateurs or professionals. Council terms are for two years, and the AAVSO can assist with travel expenses to most Council meetings, which occur just before or after the Spring and Fall Membership Meetings.  While the Nominating Committee already has a list of potential candidates, there is ample room for additional names to be considered.  If you have suggestions, or require further information, please let me know (john.percy@utoronto.ca).  We need this information within the next week.  We will be releasing the names of all the candidates, as soon as we have a full slate.


John Percy

Chair: Nominating Committee