The AAVSO International Database Breaks Twenty-Five Million Observations!

Over the weekend the AAVSO International Database (AID) hit an important milestone.  We broke the twenty-five million mark!  We would like to express our appreciation to each and every observer who has contributed even a single observation to that total.

  • The 25 millionth data point submitted to the AID was an observation of "ASAS J180536-4351.8" submitted by Josch Hambsch of Belgium.

We can only imagine what past AAVSO leaders William T. Olcott or Leon Campbell would think about the current size of the AID... and about current variable star names for that matter!

  • We held a contest to see who could guess the time of the submission of the 25 millionth observation. Congratulations to John Rock of Great Britain for winning the contest.

Keep those observations coming!  How long until we hit 50 Million?