AAVSO International High Energy Network: Our Successes!


Detections, near detections, and upper limits of GRB afterglow fields by AAVSO High Energy Network Members

GRB130427A photometry by P. Wiggins

GRB110918A photometry by A. Oksanen, C. Harlingten, B. Schaefer, and M. Templeton

GRB110715A photometry by P. Nelson (Ellinbank, Vic., Australia)

GRB110503A photometry by E. Broens (Mol, Belgium), D. Boyd (W. Challow, UK), and A. Tasselli (Lincoln, UK)

GRB110402A photometry by X. Bros, Barcelona, Spain

GRB100901A photometry by S. Sposetti, Gnosca, Switzerland

GRB100305A photometry by A. Henden et al. (Sonoita Research Observatory)

GRB091024 photometry by A. Henden et al. (Sonoita Research Observatory)

GRB091010 upper limit by A. Oksanen and E. Southgate (Hermitage Observatory, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia)

GRB090912 upper limit by A. Oksanen (Hankasalmi, Finland)

GRB090424 by A. Oksanen (Hankasalmi, Finland)

GRB090313 by M. Nissinen (Varkaus, Finland)

GRB090107B upper limit by A. Oksanen (Hankasalmi, Finland)

GRB081109A upper limit by P. Nelson (Ellinbank, Victoria, Australia)

GRB081008 upper limit by P. Nelson (Ellinbank, Victoria, Australia)

GRB080430 by A. Oksanen (Hankasalmi, Finland), M. Nissinen & V.-P. Hentunen (Varkaus, Finland)

GRB080330 by A. Block (Seeing In The Dark Internet Telescope, and Steward Observatory, Tucson, AZ)

GRB080319B detections and upper limits by V.-P. Hentunen & M. Nissinen (Varkaus, Finland), A. Oksanen & O.-P. Reimaala (Hankasalmi, Finland), and P. Kehusmaa (Hyvinkää, Finland)

GRB080205 upper limit by S. Sposetti, Gnosca, Switzerland

GRB071112C by S. Sposetti, Gnosca, Switzerland

GRB071020 by M. Nissinen, H. Taino, and V.-P. Hentunen, Taurus Hill Observatory, Varkaus, Finland

GRB071010B by A. Oksanen, Hankasalmi Observatory, Finland

GRB070125 by D.T. Durig et al. (Cordell-Lorenz Observatory, University of the South), B. Gary (Hereford Arizona Observatory), and S. Sposetti (Gnosca, Switzerland)

GRB060807 upper limits by D.T. Durig (Cordell-Lorenz Observatory, University of the South) and S. Sposetti (Gnosca, Switzerland)

GRB060418 by M. Koppelman, Starhouse Observatory & U. Minnesota, and M. Nicholson, International Consortium of Robotic Astronomical Researchers

GRB050730 by C. Jacques and E. Pimentel, CEAMIG-REA Observatory, Brazil

GRB050502A by D. T. Durig, Cordell-Lorenz Observatory, Tennesse.

GRB040916 by P. Kilmartin & Al. Gilmore, New Zealand.

GRB030725 by Berto Monard, South Africa.

GRB030329 by over 19 members of the AAVSO International GRB Network!

GRB020801 by Pam Kilmartin and Alan Gilmore, Mount John Observatory.

GRB010222 by Gary Billings of Calgary, Canada.

Also GRB010222 by our friends at the Nyrölä Observatory in Finland (A. Oksanen et al.)

GRB000926 detected by Joe Dellinger with help by Bill Dillon of the Fort Bend, TX Astronomical Club and also by Arto Oksanen of Nyrölä Observatory in Finland!

GRB000301C by Bill Aquino and the Buffalo, NY Astronomical Society

GRB990123 by Warren Offutt of Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

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